Pre-WWI Hans Tauscher general catalogs

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The Hans Tauscher catalog for high power rifles and automatic pistols.

Shown are three pre-WWI Hans Tauscher catalogs. Apparently there are at least three variations, albeit minor, of this particular catalog. The front cover of the first version has no address or markings referring to Hans Tauscher. Click here to see more information on this catalog and Hans Tauscher. The second version features a three-line stamped street address only while the other catalog front cover has the full Hans Tauscher address with the statement “Sole Agent for the United States, Canada and Mexico". All the catalogs have identical advertisements for the Luger and accessories along with advertisements for various Mauser Rifles. The catalog with the stamped address was obtained with an inserted 1-page Hans Tauscher pink flier advertising Haenel MANNLICHER Repeating Rifles. Per H. Tauscher correspondence1 dated 7 July 1908 he was just appointed sole representative by Mr. C.G. Haenel of Suhl, Germany for the Haenel MANNLICHER Repeating Rifles, which dates these pre-WW1 Hans Tauscher catalogs to approximately 1908 or later and no earlier than 1906 as the catalogs feature the “New Model" Luger.

1 Luger Holsters and Accessories of the 20th Century by U. Bender, Copyright 1992, p 39, John Pearson Collection.


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