Reichsmarine and Kriegsmarine manuals

1926 Reichsmarine Manual.



  Original 1926 German training instruction book (Leitfaden).
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Luger toggle mechanism & spring, page 265
Luger cut-away, page 269

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1934 Reichsmarine Organization Manual.

  Original 1934 German training instruction book (Leitfaden) for training in the German Navy (Reichsmarine, later to be the Kriegsmarine). The book teaches about the history and organization of the German Navy and Naval Tradition. An extremely interesting manual with a large pull out chart showing the organization of the German Navy in 1934. The manual is hardcover and measures 6 3/4" x 4 3/4" with 263 numbered pages.

Pull out chart of the German Navy organization in 1934. The German navy had ports in both the Nordsee and the Ostsee.


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1935 Kreigsmarine Manual.

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1944 Unterrichtsheft der M.L.A. Manual.

  Pages showing pictures of the Pistole 08

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  The M.L.A. was until January 1944 the Marineunteroffizierlehrabteilung, responsible for training the warrant officer classes of the Navy, but Unteroffizier was dropped from the title. They seem by this stage of the war, since the only seaborne part of the service was then the Submarines, to have concentrated this training establishment on Naval Infantry. In American Armed Forces, it would refer to the Marines, but this would have been too confusing in German. Consequently, although this is strictly a Naval manual, it makes very little reference to seaborne or boat handling skills, but concentrates mostly on infantry weapons and land warfare. All the references to ranks, discipline, drill etc. however are made in naval terms, and there is a section on interrelations with other land-based services, the Army and Police, which were obviously treated as distinct.

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