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Article created: Wednesday, 21 May 2014
Article modified: Monday, 16 June 2014
NEW THIS FALL "Lugers at Random" by Charles Kenyon
(1969 Advertising Flyer for Lugers at Random)
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Pictured is a very rare, two page advertising flyer for the very popular 1969 book publication titled: Lugers At Random by Charlie Kenyon, Jr., distributed in the spring or summer of 1969. Lugers At Random was the Holy Grail of Luger books, virtually used as the standard, quick reference by most all Luger collectors and dealers alike, since its original publication, 45 years ago in 1969 and is still used by many Luger collectors and dealers today.

Shown in the two-page flyer, which uses the same format and size as the book, is a VONO chamber marked Luger and on the second or opposite page is the description in the classic Kenyon, easy to interpret format layout, used throughout the book. The identical Luger is featured in Lugers at Random on pages 356 and 357, described on page 356 and pictured on the opposite page 357. The gun is featured in a section titled: SECTION ELEVEN – MISCELLANEOUS LUGERS OF SPECIAL INTEREST.

Apparently, at the time of the release of the advertising flyer the book was still a “work in progress”, i.e. not in print, as the layout of the opposite page description information was not finalized and, most interestingly, in the relatively short time from the flyer printing to the book publication, the subject VONO rework Luger had changed owners, as in the flyer it is credited to the Charles Kenyon Collection and in the book on page 357 it is credited to the B.M. Lamb Collection.

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