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The following documents trace the history of Hermann Lorenz of Berlin-Schoeneberg of the Imperial German Kaiserliche Marine from his birth in 1879 to 1935 when he was awarded the Honour Cross for Front Fighters by order of Reich Chancellor Paul Von Hindenburg. The package consists of a 1901 dated Kaiserliche Marine pass in a beautiful blue and gold sheath. The documents herein, including a navy Iron Cross and ribbon were enclosed in an additional plain manila sheath with the owner’s name.

No 119 of the Marine Muster roll for 1901.
Conduct Certificate

For Hermann Lorenz of the 4th Co., Ist Matrosen Division: No penalties, No serious penalties. Kiel, 8 Nov 1904.
           Signed --- Kapitanleutnant.

Provisional Certificate of Grant

To: Hermann Lorenz...Order of the Iron Cross, 2nd Class, 1 Sept 1918.

Honour Cross for Front Fighters

In the name of the Fuhrer and Reich Chancellor.
The Shoemaker (cobbler) Hermann Lorenz of Berlin-Schoeneberg is, on the basis of the Decree of 13 July 1934, bestowed with the Honour Cross for Front Fighters founded in memory of the World War 1914/1918 by Reichs president General Field Marschal von Hindenburg.
Signed Police President etc.