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Article created: Friday, 25 January 2013
Article modified: Friday, 8 March 2013
1930's assembled Stoeger 3-line AE Artillery Luger 94182
                    1930's assembled Stoeger
GENUINE 3-line AE Artillery Luger 1183V
  1930's assembled Stoeger
GENUINE 3-line AE Luger 498V
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Two relatively recent, excellent publications, with extensive sections of text and pictures on the A.F. Stoeger Lugers are referenced and quoted in this article:

  1. The Mauser Parabellum 1930 – 1946 by Don R. Hallock & Joop van de Kant © 2010
  2. The Borchardt & Luger Pistols by Görtz/Sturgess, © 2010 & 2011

Other references are:

Additional comments and opinions regarding the Stoeger Lugers and the subject 3-line Stoeger Artillery Luger, serial number 94182 are presented by Dr. G.L. Sturgess. Two recently identified 3-line Stoeger Lugers, 405V and 421V and recently acquired 3-line GENUINE marked Stoeger Lugers 498V and 1183V are also pictured and discussed in this article.

Table of Contents

  1. Germany. Immediate post WW1 finances, DWM and the first Stoeger orders

  2. 1930s Mauser assembled DWM/BKIW Stoeger 3-line Artillery Luger 94182

  3. Two other early i suffix Artillery Lugers, 45i and 497i

  4. 3-line, AE chamber crest, five-digit serial number 80503

  5. The Stoeger Catalogs

  6. 3-line Stoeger Luger 405V with a 150mm or 6-inch 9mm barrel replacement

  7. 3-line GENUINE stamped Stoeger Luger 460V with a 120mm or 4¾-inch 7.65 mm barrel

  8. Three-line GENUINE marked BKIW/Mauser assembled DWM Stoeger Artillery Luger 498V

  9. Three-line GENUINE marked Mauser assembled BKIW/DWM Stoeger Artillery Luger 1183V

  10. List of A.F. Stoeger, Inc. catalogs in the collection

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