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Article created: Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010
Article modified: Thursday, Oct 21, 2010

1911 shooting target
Gestern Abend ging ich aus – Carl Kühler, Wesel.
Last night I went out – Carl Kühler, Wesel.

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Original Imperial German army pre WW1 target, 10 cm (4") inch diameter. On the reverse side is written in ink: "Shot on Mar 14, 1911 by one year volunteer Kruppenbacher, 1st lieutenant and company leader - 200 meters lying freehand - head ring target" Written on the periphery of the front of the circular "target" is: "Gestern Abend ging ich aus" or "Last night I went out" which is a very strange statement, inferring that the target German soldier pictured is inebriated with obvious blood shot eyes, possibly in front of a tavern with a sign depicting an encircled six-pointed star, invoking certain ethnic overtones. Also interesting, for a target subject, is why a German soldier is pictured vs. a "foreign" enemy.


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