January 1903 Abercrombie & Fitch Catalog

This is an extremely rare original January 1903 Abercrombie & Fitch Catalog, seldom found this early. It measures; 5" x 7" and has 160 pages. The front cover art work was done in 1902 as evidenced by the artists name and date in the lower right. Note the A&F logo posted on the tree.

This store was the greatest of all the early sporting good dealers. This issue was the tenth year of this great company and additionally is the fist known Abercrombie & Fitch catalog to illustrate, feature and describe the Model 1900 commercial Luger in the production configuration as shown on page 149. Other contemporary period publications advertise the Old Model Luger using pre production 1899 Borchardt-Luger line drawings or engravings. For example, the May 1902 Shooting & Fishing Luger picture and the June 1902 Baker & Hamilton Luger envelope picture. Cartridges were advertised as rimless, Walsrode powder, $2.20 per 100 and either full metal jacket or soft point bullets of 50 round packaging at $1.10 as described on p.151.

Also shown on the same page below the old model 1900 production Luger is an advertisement for the Ideal Holster and carbine stock. Since the A&F catalog publication date is January 1903 it is safe to say that the Ideal holster for the Luger was available as early as 1902.


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